Legal Advisory Services for the Update and Regulation of the Cape Verde Maritime Code (CMCV)

Description of the project

This Technical Assistance aims at supporting the review, modernisation and development of implementing regulation for the current Cape Verde Maritime Code (CMCV) so that the country is equipped with legislation that facilitates maritime activities in its various aspects. The Results to be achieved by the contractor are:
  • To modernise the Cape Verde Maritime Code and develop adequate legal instruments to assure the implementation of its institutional and operational aspects at the national, regional and international levels.
  • To assure widespread dissemination of legislation produced among the main actors and the general public.

The tasks to be implemented are as follows:

  • Analyse the international sector conventions, the Cape Verde Maritime Code (CMCV), as well as other sectoral legislation and identify the requirements for updating and regulating the code and related legislation;
  • Develop draft legal instruments necessary for the updating the CMCV and submit to the Ministry of Maritime Economy for discussion and approval;
  • Research and collection of material, experience and legal opinions relevant to the update of the CMCV;
  • Consultation of institutions and entities with experience and competence in the review of the CMCV;
  • Drafting of the proposals for legislative authorisation and proposal for amended Maritime Code
  • Monitoring and legal assistance to legislative review by national bodies when submitting the same authorisation;
  • Drafting of the amendments and the full text of the CMCV with the amendments;
  • Legal monitoring until the effective publication of the CMCV with its amendments;
  • Support the Cape Verde institutions in the preparation of a socialization plan and effective socialization of the new CMCV following its approval and publication in the Official Bulletin;
  • Translation of the new CMCV into French and English languages;
  • Book edition of 500 copies and publication in digital version of the CMCV in Portuguese

Provided services and personnel

Open Plan Consulting (Lead) in cooperation with Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile and Miranda Alliance (Consortium Members) will be tasked with the overall coordination and implementation of project activities. In particular, Open Plan Consulting:
  • Provides Project Coordination, Project Management and Team Management
  • Mobilises 3 Key Experts as follows:
    • Team Leader
    • Maritime Economist
    • Communication and Awareness Expert
  • Mobilise the Project Director and an in-house International Institutional Expert for coordination and review of developed outputs and monitoring of timely delivery of outputs.
  • Mobilises non-key Experts on the basis of the needs of the project:
    • National Cape Verde Legislation Expert
    • International Maritime Safety Expert