Open Plan Consulting S.r.l. (OPC) is a consultancy firm established in 2008 to provide advice and support to governments and public authorities, working primarily within the context of developing countries.


OPC is specialized in consultancy to public authorities and their organizations as well as private actors, providing them tools for improving governance structure and ensure transparent and effective decision-making.

Project management

Open Plan Consulting is specialized in assuring effective project management to development cooperation initiatives  

Open Plan Consulting takes care of all phase of project development and management:

  • Setting up of project management unit in developing countries
  • Setting up of quality assurance procedures and complaint handling
  • Project management & Backstopping
  • Project Logistics

Capacity building

Open Plan Consulting manages projects aimed to develop the capacity of institutions to improve governance and public service provision, ensuring participation of stakeholders in decision-making and implementation of proper procurement procedures.

Open Plan Consulting take care of all networking activities aimed at promotion of Public-Private Partnerships and Joint Ventures in order to ensure the availability of the best possible expertise.

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