Our Sectors

Open Plan Consulting is a private-owned firm providing services for international assignments through funds of public donor agencies, such World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, etc.

We are specialized in consultancy for developing capacities of local and national governments and their organizations, supporting public authorities in the review and update or regulatory/legislative frameworks, implementing strategic assessments and developing and implementing training programmes for specialized personnel.


We work primarily within local contexts in the transition countries of Africa, the former Soviet Union, the Mediterranean basin, and Latin America.

Public Service and Planning

Open Plan Consulting develops master plans and land use plans for local authorities. Furthermore, Open Plan Consulting supports local and regional authorities in transition countries in the development of adequate governance structures for delivery of public services such as water service, waste management, public transport. 


Cultural Heritage

Open Plan Consulting provides technical assistance to national and local authorities of transition countries in:

  • Capacity building to national, regional and local authorities for improved conservation and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Project management for restoration works
  • Development of Management Plans and Public Use Plans of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Maritime Affairs

Open Plan Consulting provides technical assistance to public actors of the maritime sector in the following fields:

  • Capacity Building and technical assistance to maritime authorities, port management authorities, coast guards and other institutions of the maritime sector 
  • Capacity building and training in the fields of maritime safety and security;
  • Review and update of maritime activity legislative frameworks