Iraq Waterkeeper - Environmental Law & Advocacy Project

Open Plan Consulting supports the Water Right Foundation in providing support to Iraqi CSOs and other stakeholders within the frame work of the EU-funded. “Iraq Waterkeeper Environmental Law and Advocacy Project”. The project aims at improving the governance of water resources in the Norther Iraq, a region where intense oil&gas activities put at risk the accessibility of water resources.

The first specific objective, is on increasing hands-on capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Kurdistan Region in running successful advocacy and lobbying campaigns with their local and regional government agencies and in generating public interest and participation. 

The second specific objective is to increase cooperative CSO-Government partnerships for problem solving and planning. In addition to raising CSO capacity in running successful advocacy campaigns and increasing cooperative CSO-Government partnerships.

The third specific objective of the Project is to improve participation and feedback between CSOs, the public and government in the process of developing effective environmental laws and regulations.  Although the final version is published in the Official Gazette, the laws of Iraq are developed without public input.  Nor are there public meetings or comments allowed for the promulgation of regulations that help implement the laws. Overall, the public has no input and rarely even knows when a law is passed or what their rights are under the law. 

The fourth and last specific objective is to increase the capacity of government workers who are responsible for environmental enforcement, and bolster CSO involvement in the implementation of environmental and natural resource laws and regulations.  This objective, therefore, has two interwoven components: enhancing the capabilities of governmental workers tasked with enforcement to understand and respond to illegal behavior; and working to create opportunities for cooperation in enforcement between CSOs and the government

Find more information on the project on the Waterkeepers Iraq project website.