Consulting services for Developing of Spatial and Urban Development Plan for the Municipality of Niksic including Strategic Environmental Assessments

The Ministry of sustainable development and tourism requested for consulting services for developing of Spatial and urban development plan for the Municipality of Niksic including Strategic environmental assessments. The services include developing the Spatial Urban Development Plans for the Municipality of Niksic (hereinafter: SUP) and the Strategic Environmental Assessments (hereinafter: SEA) for this Plan. This achieved through the following phases: Preparatory activities, Analysis of existing condition (Baseline studies), Forecast scenarios and selection of the preferred one in consultation with key stakeholders, Pre Draft Plan, Draft Plan and feedback from relevant ministries and national and local institutions, Public display, Proposed Plan. The SEA process run in parallel to the mentioned phases in developing the Plan.


OPC provided The Team Leadership as well as expertise, technical support and trainers for the capacity building program to municipality experts in the realization of all activities indicated above