Strengthening the Capacities of the JSCPDs Bethlehem Rural West and East through the Establishment of Water and Wastewater Departments

The Project aimed to support the two Governorate’s rural Joint Services Councils of Bethlehem - more than 30 Municipalities - in establishing the Water and Wastewater Unit (WWU). The assignment has carried out the following activities:

  • drafting the Business and Operative Plan of the new WWU, comprehensive of the staff chart;
  • training to the personnel in:
    • General organisation of the WWD (defining the WWD Organisational Structure;
    • Merging Organisation and Step Procedures;
    • Organisation of the Flow of Information
    • Establishing a Commercial Unit - Organisation of the Active Cycle;
    • Establishment of the Clients Database
  • Planning and Managing the Financial Issues (Financial Cycle Analysis and Financing the Circulating Money; Prior Debts of the Municipalities and their Transfer)


OPC Provided

·   Project Design, Team managing and assistance to the STEs’ staff for the missions in BC;
·   Provision of Short Term Expert for the preparing feasibility study, design and establishment of the consortium
·   Assisiting Cispel Confservizi in the selections of Short-Term expert for training to the staff
·   Technical Assistance to Cispel Confservizi Toscana PMSP procedures and management
·   Service of project management, backstopping and activities coordination
·   Technical follow up to the pool of Italian experts which will attend the meetings of training in Palestina
·   Monitoring of administrative and accounting compliances;