Improved Maritime Education and Training in Turkey

The purpose of the project is to Improve the maritime safety in Turkey through the enhancement of training, education, and certification of seafarers by establishing a long term education strategy, legal alignment and training of trainers. The results attained by the project are the following:

1) A long term strategy in maritime education and training established (‘Maritime education strategy to meet

EU requirements - MES’) and stakeholders of the Turkish MET has a roadmap covering a 5 years period.

2) A report on the implementation and evaluation of existing MET system will be produced. Maritime education strategy document submitted to the EU Commission Delegation to Turkey by the end of 5th month of the project, accordingly to the twinning fiche.

3) The Turkish national legislation on MET is improved and MET curricula are updated in accordance with latest developments and needs (both high school and undergraduate levels)

4) A gap analysis study concerning procedures in use could be produced. Draft legal texts will be prepared, endorsed by GDMIW and  submitted for approval by the end of the project. The developed curricula will be submitted to the competent bodies for implementation  in the Academic year 2014/2015.

5) The quality of trainers is increased to meet the requirements identified in the MES documents.

6) Training for personnel, in line with international rules and standards, will be delivered. All trainings identified in the MES are carried out by the end of the project, with at least 70% of the attendants successfully completing each training and receiving certificates by GDMIW after an assessment done in the training centers.

Project implemented activities are as follows:

1.1 Assessment of Turkey’s capacity in the field of maritime education and training

1.2 Establishment of a strategy in the field of maritime education and training

2.1 Preparation of legal texts required by the strategy and development of model curricula at high school and undergraduate levels

2.2 Assessment of trainers’ needs to meet the requirements of the maritime education strategy

3.1 Carrying out trainers’ training programs as established by the Activity 2.2


OPC Provided

-. Provide technical advice and assist the administration bodies of the GDMIW, MoE and HEC or other public sector of MET in the context of the predetermined work plan;

-. Assist the Turkish experts and short term experts in preparing detailed work programmes, in co-ordinating and managing their inputs and outputs, according to the project objectives and deadlines;

-. Analysis of Turkey’s capacity to implement Council Directive 2001/25/EC

-. Organizing and attendance of workshops, seminars on management of Maritime Education and Training;

-. Prepare quarterly meetings and project forum meetings;

-. Collect, review and comment reports of the short term experts and study visitors;

-. Organize training and study visit activities;

-. Preparation of project progress reports and supervision of the preparation and production of tasks reports.

-. Preparation of project deliverables and strategy papers