Support to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the modernisation of its policy and management system in the culture sector


Open Plan Consulting supports this Twinning project for the benefit of the Minstry of Culture of Azerbaijian, managed by:

- The Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism

- The Region of Tuscany

- The Municipality of Florence

- Confservizi Cispel Toscana


The project aims at achieving the foillowing results:


Component 1. Cultural Sector Policy and Governance Reform

Result 1: The culture sector policy and governance system in Azerbaijan reviewed and a new model developed.

Result 2: Amendments to the legal framework for full application of a new culture sector policy and governance model drafted.

Result 3: The capacity of the MCT, its regional offices and relevant stakeholders on management, co-ordination, networking and digitalization of culture sector enhanced on the basis of European best practices and tested.


Component 2. Institutional Development of Cultural Heritage Management

Result 4: An effective model of management of national cultural heritage (including tangible and intangible heritage, museums and libraries) elaborated and tested.

Result 5: Regulatory framework for preservation, protection and promotion of cultural heritage developed