Strenghtening the administrative capacities of the Ministry of Transports: supporting the establishment of the Regional Transport Authority in Haifa


1.000.000,00 Euros



Israeli Ministry of Transport


Funding Source

European Union


The present Twinning Project aimed to promote financially sustainable, integrated multi-modal public transport networks in urban regions in response to vastly increasing private car use that causes more and more noise and air pollution, public health and safety hazards, and social exclusion for citizens, as well as irreversible damage to the remaining natural environment. The specific objectives have been as follows:

-. To support the Ministry of Transport (MoT) to establish a national public transport authority (NTA) to oversee public transport on a national level in MoT;

-. To define and outline a pilot regional public transport authority (pilot RTA);


-. To support MoT in reshaping its procedures, standards and requirements (includes overall structure and coherent system of all 3 bodies: MoT, NTA and RTA involved)

Our Services

Open Plan Consulting supported the inputs to the project of the regional institutions and organizations of tuscany, in particularly taking care of:

  • Technical Assistance to Project Management (MS Institutions) to Twinning procedures and management
  • Service of project management, backstopping and activities coordination
  • technical follow up to the pool of Italian and French experts which will attend the meetings of training and technical assistance in Israel;
  • monitoring of administrative and accounting compliances;
  • technical assistance to setting up of contracting and reporting documents, including administrative and financial reports



The Partnership was composed by:

  • Ministry of Transport of the Republic of France (Leader)
  • Regional Government of Tuscany (Junior partner)