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The Project aims at assisting the Ministry of Culture’s institutions to enhance and support the enforcement of the legal framework regulating the sector to improve governance in the field of cultural heritage protection mainly through the development, adoption and implementation of a more strategic and fine-tuned management model for the cultural heritage sector, and through strengthening the capacities of public stakeholders.



Administrative twinning between Italian and Azerbaijani institutions to assist the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the transition to a more strategic management model for the culture sector with a particular focus on cultural heritage needs (including tangible and non-tangible heritage, museums and libraries) adapting appropriate

European experience and models.




Capacity Building project aimed at increasing safety and security in Turkish ports and coastal facilities in Turkey. This is important first of all, for the persons working in ports, since they are always at risk due to dangerous goods. From a wider perspective, people living near ports will benefit from decreased risk, since the negative impact of an accident may cause loss of life or property for these groups. Finally, the same risks involve ships that are visiting Turkish ports and coastal facilities, so there will be a positive impact in terms of safety of lives and property



Ivory Coast Benin, Cameroon Togo

Capacity building project in support to port authorities, port management and regional maritime academies. The key objectives of the project have been:

(i) Reduction of maritime and in-port accident/incident rates, caused by port related activities

(ii) Improvement of Port Efficiency by enhancing the performance of port authorities and private operators in ports.




The project aims at strengthening the institutional and technical capacities of the Ministry in order to enable it to exercise its political, regulatory, developmental and technical functions as enshrined in the National Tourism Strategy (NTS) and in-line with the EU standards and best practices





Open Plan Consulting supports the Water Right Foundation in providing support to Iraqi CSOs and other stakeholders within the frame work of the EU-funded. “Iraq Waterkeeper Environmental Law and Advocacy Project”. The objectives of the project have been:

  • to increase capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Kurdistan Region in running successful advocacy and lobbying campaigns
  • to increase cooperative CSO-Government partnerships for problem solving and planning
  • to improve participation and feedback between CSOs, the public and government in the process of developing effective environmental laws and regulations.
  • to increase the capacity of government workers responsible for environmental enforcement 




The Project, implemented by a partnership led byt the Italian Shipping Academy, supported by OPC, improved the maritime safety in Turkey through the enhancement of training, education, and certification of seafarers by establishing a long term education strategy, legal alignment and training of trainers.



Consulting services for Developing of Spatial and Urban Development Plan for the Municipality of Niksic including Strategic Environmental Assessments. The services include developing the Spatial Urban Development Plans for the Municipality of Niksic (hereinafter: SUP) and the Strategic Environmental Assessments (hereinafter: SEA) for this Plan. This achieved through the following phases: Preparatory activities, Analysis of existing condition (Baseline studies), Forecast scenarios and selection of the preferred one in consultation with key stakeholders, Pre Draft Plan, Draft Plan and feedback from relevant ministries and national and local institutions, Public display, Proposed Plan



Consultoria para la Gestión municipal bajo estrategias de sostenibilidad en Lince

The initiative provides technical assistance through the reorganization and computerization of the land registry of the city of Lince (metropolitan area of Lima) for greater transparency and efficiency of the tax system, as well as supporting the city personnel in improved urban planning.

Organization of the cadastre system in the central quarters of Lince. Training to the municipal staff on urban spatial planning and cadastre management and support to improvement of local urban and spatial plans



The project aimed to promote financially sustainable, integrated multi-modal public transport networks in urban regions in response to vastly increasing private car use that causes more and more noise and air pollution, public health and safety hazards, and social exclusion for citizens, as well as irreversible damage to the remaining natural environment. The specific objectives have been as follows:

- To support the Ministry of Transport (MoT) to establish a national public transport authority (NTA);

- To define and a pilot regional public transport authority;

- To support MoT in reshaping its procedures, standards and requirements



Institutional Capacity Building in the field of Maritime Safety

EU twinning implemented by an European partnership of organizations from  Finland, Latvia and Italy that realized:

  • Education and Training of AIS operators
  • Elaboration of a Conceptual Model Of Dangerous And Polluting Goods Database
  • Preliminary drafting of VTMIS Procedures and arrangements manual
  • Education and Training of personnel on marine casualty investigation
  • VTMIS study visits to EU Member States