09. March 2020
Open Plan Consulting leads an Italian Consortium short-listed for an EU contract aimed at supporting capacity development for the turkish research centre in Transport and Communication. Check our web-site for job positions!

26. February 2020
Open Plan Consulting has started activities of the project "Update and regulation of the Cape Verde Maritime Code". The assignment, financed by the European Development Fund, is focused on the review and update of the Cape Verde Maritime Law.

24. October 2019
A new publication has been issued. We have contributed to the novel “Da allora siamo qui” (Since then we are here) written by the owner of the firm, Michelangelo Fabbrini. The novel focuses on the story of Arieh Sharoh, chief of the Israeli Planning Department in 1948-53 and his role in the cration of the State of Israel

01. October 2019
Open Plan Consulting, in cooperation with the Italian Shipping Academy and SPT-Studi e Pianificazione del Territorio, has been short-listed for the assignment: "Étude d'actualisation du plan national des transports de la République de Guinée" We are now looking for qualified international experts for key positions within the project.

20. September 2019
Open Plan Consulting continues to develop its activities in the cultural sector. After working in support to Italian institutions within 3 EU Twinning projects, Open Plan Consulting is looking to further develop its capacities in the field

05. September 2019
Open Plan Consulting has been developing its activities in the Maritime Sector through its cooperation with the Italian Shipping Academy. In the past few months, 3 new projects started in the Mediterranean Area, in Albania and in Western Africa

17. July 2018
The Project WWPAL has started on 15th July in Ramallah. The project will deliver training and capacity building to the Union of Palestinian Water Service Providers.

04. April 2018
EC Twinning Project “Support to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the Modernization of its Policy and Management System” has seen the final event at the presence of about 120 international and local stakeholders

29. March 2018
The Project in support to the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, managed by Confservizi Cispel and the Italian Ministry of Culture, supported by OPC, is approaching its successful completion
01. November 2016
Open Plan Consulting manages the implementation of Port Safety Workshop at ARSTM-ISMI premises withint the "Improvement of Port Safety and Efficiency in Africa" Project