Governance of public sector

Local economic development

Maritime Affairs

Haifa, Israel, by Michelangelo Fabbrini
Haifa, Israel, by Michelangelo Fabbrini
Casablanca, Morocco, by Michelangelo Fabbrini
Casablanca, Morocco, by Michelangelo Fabbrini
Genoa, by Gabriele Basilico (†)
Genoa, by Gabriele Basilico (†)

  • Planning and organization for improved delivery of public services;
  • Review and update of regulatory and legislative frameworks;
  • Strategic economic and regulatory assessments;
  • Public consultation and participatory decision-making;
  • Urban Planning, land use planning and control.


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  • Strategic planning to promote improved business environment (defining the strategy and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue it);
  • Supporting Public Private Partnership (PPP);
  • Promoting and managing funding schemes;
  • Enhancing rural development and cultural tourism.


  • Capacity Building and technical assistance to maritime authorities, port management authorities, coast guards and other institutions of the maritime sector 
  • Capacity building and training in the fields of maritime safety and security;
  • Review and update of maritime activity legislative frameworks



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Management for infrastructural projects


Open Plan Supports the implementation of infrastructural projects for design and realization of highways and roads. 

 Open Plan is currently working in consortium with SPEA Engineering and IRD Engineering for the Construction, Supervision of the first part of Tranche 3 and Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design and About 60km Detailed Design of Tranche 4 of the North-South Road Corridor of Armenia.

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Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage 

  • Capacity building to national, regional and local authorities for improved conservation and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Project management for restoration works
  • Development of Management Plans and Public Use Plans of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Over the years, we have acquired a considerable international experience by completing a variety of assignments in the following countries:

Sub-Saharan Africa


Former USSR


Other countries

Ø  Ghana

Ø  Congo

Ø  Togo

Ø  Ivory Coast

Ø  Benin

Ø  Kenya

Ø  Mozambique

Ø  Albania

Ø  Bosnia-Herzegovina

Ø  Croatia

Ø  Latvia

Ø  Malta

Ø  Romania

Ø  Serbia

Ø  Turkey


Ø  Armenia

Ø  Moldova

Ø  Israel

Ø  Jordan

Ø  Morocco

Ø  Palestine

Ø  Lebanon

Ø  Tunisia


Ø  Indonesia

Ø  Nicaragua


OPC is registered to the Italian Companies Registry at the Chamber of Commerce of Florence (no. 577 850). It has acquired experience in the sector of public procurement for services financed under external aid programs, and has worked with the European Union, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and other International bailers of funds.

The company’s headquarter is located in Florence, Central Italy.

We are formed by a core staff with a solid background in the promotion and management of international projects developed by the founders over more than 10 years. It has a permanent staff of 5, all university graduated experts in the disciplines in which the company operates. Surrounding the core technical staff there is a number of qualified external specialists providing ad-hoc inputs in a variety of disciplines, following customers’ requirements.


Open Plan Consulting s.r.l. Piazza Stazione 1, 50123 Firenze, Italia

Tel. +39 055 286967 fax +39 055 2678899


Registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, no. 577850

P. IVA/VAT No.: 05817670481