"Da allora siamo qui"

A new publication has been issued. We have contributed to the novel “Da allora siamo qui” (Since then we are here) written by the owner of the firm, Michelangelo Fabbrini.


In the disorder of the post-WWII, a Jewish Bauhaus student carries out the best product of that school, the State of Israel. It was thought and designed by the Planning Department, ruled in 1948-53 by Arieh Sharon, born in Poland, emigrated in Palestine in the Twenties of last century and then student at the Bauhaus. The novel reconstructs the clash among parties and persons to build the State of the Jews.


“It is not a stance for Israel or against Palestine – declared Michelangelo – it is a professional interest for planning, deepened during years of professional work in Middle East, and how, in a period when the vision of a new brave world advanced by planners was adopted all over the world in the comprehensive search to shape modern societies, it created an experiment that, a part the stance you owns, still is unique.”