Support to the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Final Conference

Today in Baku, the Capital city of Azerbaijan, the EC Twinning Project “Support to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the Modernization of its Policy and Management System” has seen the final event at the presence of about 120 international and local stakeholders. At the Presence of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Abulfas Garayev, the Head of EU Delegation, and the Ambassador of Italy, the results of the EC Twinning have been presented, that in great summary are the following:

  • Mapping of the Culture Sector Governance System, and the Concept of the a new governance model, and supporting documents for a roadmap to implement the model;
  • Comparative review of the present legislation, proposal for amendments, and Draft Law on Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage;
  • Integrated Management Planning of Regional Culture Departments in Ismayilli, Lankaran , and Shamkir Regions;
  • Documents for the improvement and modernisation of the Cultural Craftmanship Club of Lahij;
  • “Museum for All”, aimed at planning the actual development of the museum system towards a modern and user-friendly management.

The above results were reached through several on-ground missions by Italian experts coming from the bodies member of the partnership running the Twinning project, training courses in Azerbaijan, study visits and internship in Italy carried out by staff of the Azeri Ministry of Culture,

The Italian partnership was leaded by the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiBACT), the regional government of Tuscany, the Municipality of Florence, the regional Association of Public Services companies of Tuscany (CISPEL). In partnership with CISPEL, Open Plan has been the implemented body the of whole assignment.